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About me

Hello, my name is Tobi. I´m a music composer and audio engineer based in Austria near Vienna.

Growing up in a musical family, I started playing various music instruments as a child.
I always wanted to play the drums. But that was too loud. So I learned a lot of other instruments before I was old enough to buy me a drum kit and rent a rehearsal room.

With the drums came the first band where I met my second love: How to compose and record songs? How to get the best sound on stage? This was the start of my career in composing and recording music and mixing records or concerts.

2007 after school I studied audio engineering while starting to work with various musicians and bands from all over the world and was able to gain a lot of experience.

When I listen to music or play instruments, I immerse myself in another world. It's like painting a picture with colors. That's what I do as a media music composer. I add some magic music and it starts to live.

What I can do for you

I create original music for film, TV, corporate videos, commercials, presentations and exhibitions, games, live shows, podcasts, social media content and other media formats.
So, whatever you're up to - the score for your project is just waiting to be written.

Instrumental arrangements and orchestration

Do you have an idea for a melody and need someone to arrange a whole song with all instruments? Or do you just need arrangements for certain instruments for your song like a string orchestra or tight percussion and drum beats. No problem, let’s work together and produce great music from your ideas.


Artists / Theater

Song Composition

The classic way for a composer. Let me know all your ideas, requirements and everything that is important for your project, and I will compose unique music for you that exactly fits your project, transport emotions and make everyone listen.


Theme / Film / TV / Radio / Advertisement & Commercials / Corporate Video / Social Media Content / Podcasts / Event / Exhibition / Presentation /
Games / Theater

Scoring for Moving Pictures

I compose music that transports the emotions of a scene and fits perfectly with the actions in the picture. No matter if you need an epic orchestra, futuristic sounds or an urban style of music. My creativity and technical possibilities know no limits, only challenges.


Film / TV / Advertisement & Commercials / Corporate Video / Social Media Content

Atmo Music and Soundscapes

Give your event, exhibition, presentation or business space a special magic with an exclusive music or sound design. Music and sounds support the theme of your business and catch your customers and business partners emotionally.


Event / Exhibition / Presentation / Business & Public Places / Wellness

Multitracks for Music Layering

To accentuate the dynamics of a game or live show in real time, you need music in the form of multitrack layers. The music consists of different, parallel running tracks that can be mixed together for a dramatic increase or change of the scene.


Games / Theater

Immersive Sounddesign

As a sound designer, I did the first immersive headphone concert tour through Germany and Austria ever. Since then, binaural audio has been an integral part of my work. Binaural Audio immerses the listener even deeper into the story. Music can also be produced binaurally and contribute to making the experience with new media technologies intense.


Film / TV / Corporate Video / Games / Theater


Here you can find a small selection of music. Just click on a genre below and listen to the different tracks. If you are interested in more then just contact me.

Klassical and Cinematic

Pop, HipHop & Electro

Rock & Blues

Jazz, Brass & World


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