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Perhaps a mixing console is nothing more than a complex musical instrument?

In 2005, I started mixing bands. Pretty quickly, this big hobby turned into my profession. Since then, I've had countless bands under the faders and toured across Europe.

I love the five minutes just before the concert – that's when the tension builds, and you realize that every concert is a new challenge and something truly special.


Front of House

Mixing is like "painting a picture from music." I'm a creative and musical mixer who knows how to make a band sound "big" and let their story unfold.



As a multi-instrumentalist, I can empathize with the situation of the musicians. When the monitor sound is good, the band can deliver their best performance.


Production Management

Putting on concerts is a tough job - for everyone involved. Good vibes in the team start with good food and appreciation for all crew members. "I want to work with you again!" should be the feedback from everyone involved in the end!

3D Live Audio

In the years 2017 and 2018, I worked as a sound engineer with the band ADULESCENS on the Silent 3D headphone tour in Germany and Austria. Our concept even made it to the ProLight & Sound exhibition in Frankfurt in 2018. The technology was originally designed for in-ear monitoring, audio dramas, or gaming. However, it can also be perfectly utilized for headphone concerts (silent concerts) and streaming events.


The tricky thing about live sound is: everything happens only in the moment, everything is fleeting, and unfortunately, future generations can't experience it live. Here's a small selection of projects I had the pleasure to be a part of and shape:

Front of House

Kaltenberger Ritterturnier Show

The world's largest medieval jousting tournament of modern times. Located near Munich, with over 12,000 spectators per show.

Front of House

Adulescens 3D Festival Concert

The largest concert to date at a festival in 3D audio - with over 1,000 wireless headphones. A spontaneous interview for KLANG in English about my setup.

Front of House

Sarah Lesch

In Sarah's wonderful music video "Das mit dem Mond," you can see me during soundcheck and while mixing.

Front of House


What a stroke of luck to mix one of your absolute favorite bands. With the incredible musicians of Carpet, it's magic at the console, to the point where even I get goosebumps.


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