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Tobi Raunigk

Hello, my name is Tobi. I´m a music composer and audio engineer based in Austria near Vienna.

Growing up in a musical family, I started playing various music instruments as a child.
I always wanted to play the drums. But that was too loud. So I learned a lot of other instruments before I was old enough to buy me a drum kit and rent a rehearsal room.

With the drums came the first band where I met my second love: How to compose and record songs? How to get the best sound on stage? This was the start of my career in composing and recording music and mixing records or concerts.

2007 after school I studied audio engineering while starting to work with various musicians and bands from all over the world and was able to gain a lot of experience.

When I listen to music or play instruments, I immerse myself in another world. It's like painting a picture with colors. That's what I do as a media music composer or sound designer. I add some magic and it starts to live.


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